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Who is Bahnrolli?

This is just a normal "crazy" wheel-chair driver who has realized his dream of a model railway in the garden.

Because of the fact that this man can't stand up to rearrange the wagons on the tracks, he needs an arrangement of tracks he can drive on with the wheel-chair without any damages.

On this way, he built up a model railway in the garden during the last eight years. In between, the whole family is involved. On the following pages you can see the results of these efforts. Some drawings of the layout are included.

Late in june 1998 there was a german TV-team here in Wolfen and took some pictures of my garden layout. These impressions could be seen in a film called "Verrückt nach Eisenbahn - Modellbauer in ihren Königreichen" (Crazy for railway - model constructors in their empire) on several german TV-stations.

But it isn't only the garden railway he is involved in. As an additional hobby he do diving with an aqualung in the indoor pool of his swimming team. Besides of the fact that this employment is good for health (it strengthens the lungs substantially) it makes a lot of fun. In the meantime I got my dive certificate and made my first dive travel abroad. Up to now you find some informations and photos on the diving page.

For an appropriate presentation the Internet is an ideal medium. The efforts to show it in different languages as well as photos or little video clips unites all activities in a synergetic way including necessarily activities like travelling and making films/editing & producing them on the computer as an interest as well as tool. All photos, video clips and the major part of the animated GIF's are made by myself and invites to a little stay on this web page - that's why - a warm welcome (-: .

You are interested to contact him? You can get him on uwe.bahnrolli@t-online.de. He would be very pleased about that.

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