In Kreischa

From 01/08/1998 till 02/05/1998, I stayed for a health check at Kreischa/near Dresden (Germany) in the hospital Klinik Bavaria . My personal physical values (especially those of the lungs and the acquired strength of the shoulders and arms) got some doctors very curious. Additionally to a video that we made at earlier times at one of our swimming courses in Bitterfeld we managed a meeting with some doctors, physiotherapists and patients at the local indoor pool of Kreischa to presentate our abilities under water at 01/31/1998.


The first curious ones arrived.
Comment from Olaf, one of our dive buddies, "The water, conviently waaaaaarm...."

Many questions from all sides had to be answered at once. They hadn't been related not only to the diving itself, even questions concerning the swimming abilities of disabled people had been asked too. The most decisive fact to impart was the experience that the physical abilities and presumptions of the handicapped people don't play the major role but the fact if he feels well under water. If he get scared about the water it will be very diffi


S.C. Dr. Bertold ask in situ for the well-being.

Although it was a little bit boring for the onlooking people (there was no permission to let them in to prove the diving equipment) we hope that the fun and joy with this hobby could be transmitted.


Even the former chief physician Dr. Pätzug took the opportunity to see all the activities....


"Def, eeehhh...."

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